Hello all, my name is Brittany!

Coming to you guys from a bright, sunny California. I am the mother of a stubborn, independent, two year old. He is my number one fan and often tells me to "Go, Go, Go!" While we're out running. I also run with my 10 year old English Setter, whom I often times have trouble keeping up with. And not to be forgotten, my cheering section at home base! I would not be able to run and train the way I do if it wasn't for both my dad and my boyfriend. They both allow me to take the time I need to go outside and just run. Without their support, running these longer distances would not be possible. 


I grew up racing dirt bikes with the dream of one day becoming pro. One of the best cross training exercises you can do to improve your training, other than cycling, was run. So I began running a few years back. It was definitely one of those love-hate relationships. More so hate at that time. So I ran. I don't remember enjoying it. But I did it. I even completed my first half marathon (Disney of course).


Fast forward 6 or so years later... and I'm now running for enjoyment, for a little quiet time and more importantly, for my sanity! I've now got two half marathons a couple 10ks and a few 5ks under my belt. 

Soon I will begin training for my first full marathon, scheduled in November 2017. I thought I would share the struggles and the little victories as I attempt this new journey of mine. How I manage to find balance being a mom, work a full time job and get my run on!